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About Sawback

Sawback Technologies came about when its’ founding team realized that they could leverage their skillsets and work experiences to provide a better way of doing things. Using their collective 60 years of experience in oil/gas, construction, remediation, drone services, and machine learning, it has enabled Sawback Technologies to build a cutting-edge solution to reduce the pain points for those in the near-surface industry.

Neil’s Bio

Neil Keown, P. Tech. (Eng.), has spent the last 23 years working in the manufacturing, automotive, and the oil/gas sector, as an electrical technologist. In 2016, he moved on from the oil/gas sector, and into the remote sensing field, where he founded Sawback Technologies to address a market gap in minimizing the environmental footprint while collecting, visualizing and analyzing near-surface data.

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    Their commitment to providing a better way of doing things is palpable in every aspect of their work. By seamlessly blending their diverse skillsets and extensive work experiences, Sawback Technologies has crafted a cutting-edge solution that addresses and diminishes the pain points inherent in the near-surface industry.

    Rodger Struck

    Founder of the Grey Fade